New Christian Video Series

1. Welcome

Whether you visited Church on Sunday, or you've stumbled across these videos, follow Senior Pastor, Joel Cave, along as we discuss and tackle some questions & thoughts that you may have as you begin your faith journey.


The Salvation Prayer is the most powerful prayer you'll pray in your lifetime. Join us as Ps Joel walks through the Salvation Prayer step by step, and discusses what it means and it's Biblical importance.

3. how do i live this out?

There's a good possibility that you've heard the word 'RELIGION' at some point in your life. Christianity isn't about 'doing,' or earning God's love, but it's about understanding that His love is freely given. It's all about relationship.

4. Who is God?

You may have heard the term, 'God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.' These terms can easily be confusing when we don't understand the different layers. In this video we chat through these terms and break it down so it's easy to understand.


To get you started on your relationship with Jesus, let's start with CHURCH. Whether you visited last weekend or a couple of weeks ago, we pray you encountered the presence of God. Let's talk more about what Church looks like, and why.

6. prayer - what & how?

Communicating and hearing from God is possible at any point in our day. We do this through Prayer, which is simply just talking to God. In this video we discuss how to communicate with God, how to hear His voice and where to start.


One of the most important ways that God wants to speak to you is through His Word: The Bible. Reading The Bible can sometimes seem overwhelming: Where do I start, and how do I read it? Let's break down what the Bible means, discuss the significance it holds and pinpoint where to start.

Download the Bible app.

8. time to take the next step

We are almost at the end! Check out this final video to find out what your next steps are. We can't wait to connect with you.

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